Whole class writing projects for 3-11 year olds


Supporting children with SEND to be great writers: A guide for teachers and SENCOS

BIG BOOK of writing mini-lessons: Lessons that teach powerful craft knowledge for 3-11 year olds

No more: ‘My pupils can’t edit!’ A whole-school approach to developing proof-readers

Writing development scales and assessment toolkit


The science of teaching primary writing

Grammar mini-lessons for 3-11 year olds

Sentence-level lessons for 3-11 year olds

Reading in the writing classroom: A guide to finding, writing and using mentor texts with your class

No more: I don’t know what to write next… Lessons that help children plan great writing

A teacher’s guide to writing with multilingual children

A guide to pupil-conferencing with 3-11 year olds: Powerful feedback & responsive teaching that changes writers

Getting success criteria right for writing: Helping 3-11 year olds write their best texts

A guide to personal writing projects & writing clubs for 3-11 year olds

No more: I don’t know what to write… Lessons that help children generate great writing ideas for 3-11 year olds

A quick guide to teaching writing: EYFS

Getting children up and running as book-makers: Lessons for EYFS-KS1 teachers

A quick guide to teaching writing: KS1

Rosenshine’s principles of instruction & the principles of world-class writing instruction

Welcome projects: A classroom guide to getting your year right for writing

Writing realities

Handbook of research on teaching young writers

What is it ‘Writing For Pleasure’ teachers do that makes the difference? Research report

  • Effective writing teaching: What the research says [LINK]
  • The Writing For Pleasure Centre’s children as writers survey [LINK]
  • The Writing For Pleasure teacher audit – [LINK]
  • Our functional grammar table – [LINK]
  • How to support children writing at home – [LINK]
  • Guidance on teaching writing and the new Ofsted framework – [LINK]
  • A tool to help you evaluate different writing schemes and approaches [LINK]
  • Writing For Pleasure posters – [LINK]
  • Our guide to becoming a writer-teacher – [LINK]

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