• Class writing projects – [LINK]
  • The Writing For Pleasure Centre’s grammar mini-lessons [LINK]
  • The Writing For Pleasure Centre’s guide to pupil-conferencing with 3-11 year olds: Powerful feedback & responsive teaching that changes writers [LINK]
  • Effective writing teaching booklet: What the research says [LINK]
  • What is it ‘Writing For Pleasure’ teachers do that makes the difference? Final research report – [LINK]
  • The Writing For Pleasure Centre’s children as writers survey [LINK]
  • The Writing For Pleasure teacher audit – [LINK]
  • Explorative considerations for teaching writing to greater depth – [LINK]
  • Our functional grammar table – [LINK]
  • How to support children writing at home – [LINK]
  • Guidance on teaching writing and the new Ofsted framework – [LINK]
  • The Writing For Pleasure manifesto – [LINK]
  • Writing For Pleasure posters – [LINK]
  • Our guide to becoming a writer-teacher – [LINK]
  • Our guide to reading with children at home [LINK]

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