No More: I Don’t Know What To Write… Lessons That Help Children Generate Great Writing Ideas For 3-11 Year Olds

This book is for all those teachers who every day fear hearing: I don’t know what to write…!

Developing children’s abilities to generate great writing ideas is arguably the most important job a writing teacher has. 

We all want the children in our classes to write well for educational purposes (to pass exams and to share what they know with skill and precision). We also want them to learn how they can generate writing ideas for economic reasons (their ability to write with authority, daring and originality would be great currency). We want them to live the writer’s life for political or civic reasons – sharing their knowledge and opinions with clarity and imagination. Finally, we want them to know how to generate writing ideas for reasons of pure pleasure and recreation – feeling a sense of joy and accomplishment in sharing their artistry, identity and knowledge with others in ways that are profound and confident. And yet so many of our pupils can suffer from writer’s block. The 70 lessons found in this book cover all the major genres and will provide any teacher with the strategies they need to help their pupils write with fluency, purpose and pleasure.

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