The Writing For Pleasure Centre’s Sentence-Level Instruction Mini-Book

This book takes sentence-level instruction seriously and invites you to teach children about sentences in a way that helps them write what they mean.

Good sentence construction, the act of writing multiple words in sentence types that make semantic and syntactic sense, is needed for clear and meaningful written expression. However, many young writers can lack the linguistic knowledge and skills required to produce complete, interesting, and varied sentences.

Sentence-level lessons like the ones described throughout this eBook are the single most effective practice a teacher of writing can employ. Put simply, they are about sharing some powerful ‘how to’ knowledge, the ‘hints, tips and secrets’ of being a writer, if you like, before inviting children to apply what you’ve taught them during that day’s writing time. It’s all about focusing explicitly on the teaching of sentences. The important thing is that your pupils feel they are learning something valuable about sentences that other excellent and experienced writers use, and that they will be able to do it in their writing too.

We know that many teachers feel they don’t know where to start when it comes to teaching about sentences. This is partly because many of us weren’t taught this valuable craft knowledge when we were at school or during our initial teacher training. As a result, many of us feel we lack knowledge and understanding about how writing is made. We are scared and unsure, and we dislike teaching writing as a result.

The aim of this book is to give you confidence and to help you teach about sentences in a way that’s going to help the children in your class write their most successful and meaningful pieces.

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