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The Writing For Pleasure Centre looks to disseminate what is presently known from research about the principles of world-class writing teaching. We have interpreted these principles in ways we think they can be realised in classrooms, and called it Writing For Pleasure. However, we do not consider ourselves to be ‘pedagods’. The reality is that there is still a lot that is unknown about how best to teach writing. No one – not even the best consultants or resource providers – can claim to have figured it all out. We simply share the 14 principles of Writing For Pleasure as the profession’s current ‘best bet’ and the closest thing we have at the moment to a ‘sure thing’. 

It’s important to recognise that teachers, as dedicated and informed professionals, bring valuable experience and expertise to their own writing classrooms. We count ourselves very fortunate in that we are able to learn as much from the teachers and schools we work with as they hopefully do from us, and we are proud of the fact that all our affiliate schools interpret and use the principles of world-class writing teaching differently. We feel that our job is to share these fourteen ingredients, and to help schools and teachers use them as they like in a recipe which works best for them and their context.

We offer a wide variety of high-quality and research-rich CPD. This includes school INSETs, teacher workshops and our school residency programme. We value our long-term and close affiliations with schools and other stakeholders. The schools we work with share our commitment to longstanding and embedded CPD and to providing world-class writing teaching. For more information on becoming one of our school affiliates, please contact us.

School Residencies

When we do residencies in schools, we will visit for several days to work with senior-leadership, teachers and children. Over the course of our time with you, we will meet with senior-leadership to ensure they understand the principles of world-class writing teaching from the EYFS to KS2. We also provide after-school teacher workshops, teacher mentoring and we will teach exemplar lessons for teachers to observe. We spend a lot of time observing and mentoring teachers in their classrooms and provide each teacher with their own summary report. Once the residency is over, we encourage schools to engage in school-improvement action planning, our self-study modules, working-group meetings and action-research projects. We ensure we maintain contact with our school affiliates over the long-term and continue to make ourselves available to staff who need us without extra cost. We see this as embedded CPD and is based on what research tells us is the most effective type of teacher development. For more information, please contact us.

INSET Workshops

Growing a whole school of extraordinary writers: the pursuit of world-class writing teaching. This INSET day involves meeting with senior-leadership to ensure they understand the 14 principles of world-class writing teaching from the EYFS to KS2. The rest of the day is devoted to spending time with each year group or key stage team. During these workshops, teachers are introduced to the 14 principles of world-class writing teaching and our associated resources. Time is set aside for teachers to look at and discuss these resources and how they might like to use of them within the context of their own classrooms.

Keynotes And Conference Workshops

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