Supporting Children With SEND To Be Great Writers: A Guide For Teachers And SENCOS

Teachers (rightly) ask “And what about children with SEND?”

There have been few satisfactory answers to this question. So here, for the first time, is a book which explains with amazing clarity and simplicity how children with special educational needs and disabilities, and all who find writing difficult, can improve and achieve.

All children deserve the highest-quality writing teaching based on what research has long been telling us. In this eBook, we demonstrate:

  • How the Writing For Pleasure approach naturally supports children who, for various reasons, find writing difficult.
  • How to pinpoint a child’s writerly needs and quickly find the appropriate advice and practical real-world strategies that will help.
  • How you can set up interventions for children which are closely connected to what they are expected to do in the writing classroom. This means you can be confident that the extra support you’re providing is responsive, relevant and effective. 

The best solutions are often the most simple and elegant ones. This publication shows you exactly how to put them into practice, and see your struggling writers and children with SEND begin to flourish.

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£129.75 – School/Institution license

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