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Our Mission

The mission of The Writing For Pleasure Centre is to help all young people become passionate and successful writers.

The Writing For Pleasure approach is actually a synonym for world-class writing teaching (Young & Ferguson 202120222023a2023b).

It’s a cohesive and carefully conceived evidence-based approach to teaching writing. It runs from the EYFS-KS2 and is based on 14 principles which represent the most effective teaching practice. These principles have a track record of raising standards and accelerating progress and are the result of 600+ research studies, spanning over 50 years of scientific research. The principles are also informed by what case studies tell us the best performing writing teachers do in their classrooms which makes the difference.

We are fortunate to be supported by our close links to national literacy associations like The UKLA and The National Literacy Trust as well as with academics, exceptional teachers of writing and teacher training universities both at home and abroad.