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Our Mission

The mission of The Writing For Pleasure Centre is to help all young people become passionate and successful writers.

We look to accomplish this goal by disseminating information about The Science Of Writing and the 14 principles of world-class writing teaching.

Our work involves:

  • Our school residency CPD programme and teacher training workshops.
  • Curriculum development and creating resources.
  • Conducting, disseminating and publishing research.
  • Convening The UKLA’s international Teaching Writing special interest group.
  • Working with children, teachers, school leaders, teacher-educators, educational publishers and charities.

The Research Base

For the past fifty years, research has been consistent about 14 principles which constitute world-class writing teaching. Despite this, we as teachers can be inundated by a variety of approaches and training, all promising a lot but often lacking the necessary grounding to be successful in the long-term. This is why our website is based on the following:

  • The Science Of Writing
  • Extensive scientific research into the most effective writing instruction.
  • Case studies of what the best performing teachers of writing do that makes the difference.
  • Our own research into a Writing For Pleasure pedagogy.
  • The wisdom of professional writers.

The Writing For Pleasure Centre functions both as a think tank and as an action research community. The result is that we are continually engaged in finding and sharing new effective practices, case studies and research findings.

We are fortunate to be supported by our close links to national literacy associations like The UKLA and The National Literacy Trust as well as with academics, exceptional teachers of writing and teacher training universities both at home and abroad.

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Any individual who wants to join our community can do so immediately and for free. All you need to do is subscribe to our newsletter and join our online network on Twitter @WritingRocks_17. Our members regard their membership as being essential to their professional development and identity as exceptional writer-teachers.