Reading In The Writing Classroom: A Guide To Finding, Writing And Using Mentor Texts With Your Class

Reading In The Writing Classroom will tell you everything you need to know about mentor texts. It shows you how to draw on children’s literature, including fiction, poetry and non-fiction, in the quest to find just the right texts to use as models, and then how to get the very most out of them during a class writing project. More than that, you’ll learn how easy it is to find your own literary mentors, write your own great texts tailored to your class, and, as a reader-writer-teacher, be confident that you are helping children create their own best texts too. 

In this eBook, we cover:   

  • How to read deeply as a writer reads.
  • How to teach children to read deeply as a writer reads.
  • What mentor texts do for writers.
  • How using mentor texts makes writing techniques visible and utterly attainable for teachers and children.
  • How to find craft moves from your reading to use in your own writing.
  • How children can find craft moves from their reading to use in their own writing.
  • The untold benefits of writing your own mentor texts as a writer-teacher.
  • Advice and activities which help children get the most out of studying mentor texts.
  • A booklist of great texts which teach great writing: mentor texts for 3-103 year olds.

Using mentor texts brings reading and writing together in profound ways and is therefore an essential part of developing yourself as a world-class teacher of both reading and writing. By studying mentor texts with your class, you will be able to show them in an explicit way what writers do. Put simply, through reading and discussing powerful models, children see what ‘good writing’ is before producing it for themselves in their very own pieces.

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£50.75 – School/Institution license

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