Getting Children Up & Running As Book-makers: Lessons For EYFS-KS1 Teachers

In Getting Children Up & Running As Book-makers, Ross Young & Felicity Ferguson show that, when children are invited to make books every day, starting on their very first day of nursery or school, their academic progress as writers accelerates phenomenally. 

Based on the research around how young children learn to write, the book shares the fundamental concepts that need to be developed for children to write happily and successfully. These include:

  • Helping even the youngest of children write down what it is they want to say so others can read it.
  • How even the most inexperienced writers can use the strategies and techniques of adult writers.

The most important teacher a writer ever meets is their first one, and within this eBook Ross & Felicity share the 24 most important lessons that teacher could possibly teach.

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£29.75 – School/Institution license

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