Getting success criteria right for writing: Helping 3-11 year olds write their best texts

Writing is a craft. It can be taught and so it can be learnt. At The Writing For Pleasure Centre, we don’t believe that being a great writer is a gift bestowed on just a few lucky children. We don’t accept the romantic notion that we can just leave children to develop as writers naturally. We don’t just cross our fingers and hope for the best. We appreciate that children, rightly, want to be made privy to what they need to do to create successful and meaningful texts and, importantly, how to do it.

In this minibook, we explain:

  • The importance of success criteria (which we call product goals).
  • How mentor texts are the key that helps children identify powerful goals for their own writing.
  • How to identify great product goals for class writing projects.
  • Examples of what product goals can look like across the different age ranges 3-11.
  • The type of language you might use to help children identify goals for their writing.
  • The profound relationship between product goals and children being able to revise their compositions with purpose and pleasure.
  • How children can use and apply success criteria in a way which matches the greater-depth standard for KS1 and KS2.
  • How teachers can plan in response to the product goals identified for a class writing project.
  • How product goals naturally lead teachers towards providing powerful writing instruction for their young writers.
  • We give answers to your frequently asked questions.

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£29.75 – School/Institution license

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