The Writing For Pleasure Centre’s Children As Writers Survey

A Writing For Pleasure pedagogy is nothing less than the pursuit of world-class writing teaching. – Young & Ferguson 2021

At The Writing For Pleasure Centre, the idea that children can be taught exceptionally well and enjoy the craft of writing is at the heart of everything we do. Indeed, research consistently shows a profound link between children writing with and for pleasure and exceptional academic achievement. World-class writing teachers focus on developing high levels of self-efficacy, self-regulation, agency, motivation, volition, writer-identity, enjoyment and satisfaction in their apprentice writers. They do this because development of these affective needs makes a bigger difference to children’s performance, well-being and learning than anything else (Young & Ferguson 2021).

(Young & Ferguson’s hierarchy of affective writing needs 2021)

This survey will help you discover where your Writing For Pleasure practice is strong and will also give you guidance and ideas on how to improve.

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