The Writing For Pleasure Audit

This audit has been created to help individual teachers, writing co-coordinators or whole schools audit their writing teaching.

There are many schools who subscribe to Writing For Pleasure but need help on their journey towards world-class writing teaching. A Writing For Pleasure pedagogy can be instrumental in cultivating an enduring love of writing with academic achievement. The ambition is for children’s writing to match (both in composition and transcription) the standards of writing which are achieved out in the real world, and for children to experience the kinds of pleasure available to professional and hobbyist writers through personal and artistic expression, effective communication and the possibility of making changes for themselves and others.

The principles identified below are grounded in our own research and in over 300 pieces of educational research and literature. This is clearest picture we have on what constitutes world-class writing teaching.

We suggest that before completing this audit, you take some time to familiarise yourself with the pedagogy and its associated principles by downloading and reading our Writing For Pleasure research report.

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