Rosenshine’s Principles Of Instruction & The Principles Of World-Class Writing Instruction

The mission of The Writing For Pleasure Centre is to help all young people become passionate and successful writers. We look to accomplish this goal by disseminating information about the 14 principles of world-class writing teaching. The Writing For Pleasure Centre functions both as a think tank and as an action research community. The result is that we are continually engaged in finding and sharing new effective practices, case studies and research findings. This is what has led us to write this mini-book.

This mini-book shares the work of Barak Rosenshine who established ten instructional practices employed by ‘master’ teachers.

For the purposes of the book, we have kept strictly to Rosenshine’s emphasis on instruction by looking at what writing teachers can do. We have been able to show how his ten principles closely match ten of the fourteen principles of world-class writing teaching on which the Writing For Pleasure pedagogy is based (Young & Ferguson 2021). We have expanded and explained each of Rosenshine’s concisely articulated principles and illustrated them with examples of practice carried out in Writing For Pleasure classrooms, with reference to readily available resources to support each practice, and with suggestions for further reading.

While we acknowledge there are things teachers need to think about beyond instruction (for example: classroom environments, teacher subject knowledge, pupils’ affective needs, and the connection between reading and writing), our focus was on helping teachers enact effective writing instruction, the nuts and bolts of daily teaching. We hope this focus on the relationship between Rosenshine’s principles of instruction and the principles specific to world-class writing instruction will be of use to you.

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