Articles & resources to help you develop a cohesive approach and progression for writing in your school

In this blogpost, we are going to share free articles and resources which we think can help you develop a cohesive approach and progression for writing in your school.

  • The first article is about the importance of developing a whole-school vision for writing teaching [LINK].
  • Next, this article shares the Writing For Pleasure centre’s complete programme of study. This could act as inspiration for creating your own programme of study [LINK].
  • The following links provide guidance and inspiration for establishing a progression of key genres, including: narrative [LINK], non-fiction [LINK] and poetry [LINK].
  • This resource provides exemplification of how children’s writing typically develops through the EYFS-KS2. It also provides details on how children’s writing in key genres progresses over time and the types of craft moves they should be typically using and applying [LINK].
  • This article shares the long-term planning advice for our Writing For Pleasure schools. This is obviously important. We share this to help you consider your own long-term planning [LINK].
  • This article shares advice on how to plan a successful writing unit [LINK].
  • Here is an article about the components of an effective writing lesson [LINK].
  • This article is about how to get writing instruction right during a writing lesson [LINK]
  • These articles may also be useful. The first is an article about conducting Author’s Chair and class sharing [LINK]. The next is about how Writing For Pleasure teachers are always teaching [LINK]. 
  • Finally, we share guidance on teaching writing and the new Ofsted framework [LINK].


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