A quick guide to class sharing and Author’s Chair

Giving children a daily opportunity to read aloud their developing compositions and discuss their pieces with their teacher and peers is an evidence-based teaching recommendation. Research has shown that it can result in a positive effect size of +0.89. For context, anything over +0.4 is deemed to have a significant positive effect on children’s progress. That’s why ‘read, share, think and talk about their writing’ appears as one of our 14 principles of world-class writing teaching (Young & Ferguson 2020, 2021a, 2022a, 2022b).

At the end of daily writing time, children should be given the opportunity to talk with their friends about how their writing pieces are coming along. This can then lead into a period of Author’s Chair. This is where the whole class gathers around an ‘author’s chair’ together. 

A nice routine for author’s chair

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