Getting Involved: Share Your Practice

Why share? Research alone can only be useful up to a point. In the end, it requires practical application and so it is with Writing For Pleasure. Action-research based practices are needed to help the Writing For Pleasure community develop and learn from each other. Please consider sharing as you’ll have an opportunity to:  

  • Share good practice informed by research.
  • Participate in and be a part of our growing Writing For Pleasure community.
  • Raise the profile of your school and its commitment to Writing For Pleasure.
  • Encourage others to develop upon your practice.

What can you share? We are looking for teachers who can share practical examples of how they are applying a principle of Writing For Pleasure and so you can choose to write about the following:

1. Build a community of writers
2. Treat every child as a writer
3. Read, share, think and talk about writing
4. Pursue purposeful and authentic class writing projects
5. Teach the writing processes
6. Set writing goals
7. Be reassuringly consistent
8. Pursue personal writing projects
9. Balance composition and transcription
10 Teach daily mini-lessons
11. Be a writer-teacher
12. Pupil conference: meet children where they are
13. Literacy for pleasure: connect reading and writing
14. Interconnect the principles

How do I share?  To share your practice in one of the above principles, please use our supplied template. It is also a good idea to take a look at existing examples on the site.

Additional information required:  It’s important that you confirm you have permission from your setting to upload your work. Please show them your final write up and do follow the guidance on photographs and names.

Photographs and names:  You will need to ensure you have permission to upload visuals with children or adults in. It’s better to avoid using children’s names or any visuals which could display a child’s name. Please do ensure you comply with your organisation’s policies.


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