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Writing can often sit on school improvement plans for many years. However, if you want to develop your school and staff to be effective and affecting teachers of writing, then you’ll find plenty of free resources here to help you get started!

Our school audit is based on a rich literature review as well as our Goldsmith’s sponsored research study: What Is It Writing For Pleasure Teachers Do That Makes The Difference? The audit can help inform your school improvement plan.

To help you collect pupil voice, our student questionnaire and discussion cards will ascertain what aspects of Writing For Pleasure need most attention in your class or school. This website will then give you advice on how to make it happen.

Next, we have made available in one place many of the research studies discussing effective writing practice. We have also given a link to the Writing Is Primary report which talks specifically about how to successfully attend to writing across your whole school.

We have also provided you with an introductory staff meeting to help you discuss and review your understanding of effective writing teaching and offer ways to begin building a school action plan.

Finally, we have our beautifully illustrated posters supporting and outlining the affective domains and effective practices of Writing For Pleasure.  


  • Our teacher or whole school Writing For Pleasure audit here
  • Writing For Pleasure posters here
  • Pupil questionnaire and interview questions here
  • Free to access research studies: effective writing practices here
  • Read the Writing Is Primary research report here
  • Read The Rights Of The Writer from The National Writing Project here
  • Read about The Craft Of Writing project here
  • Read about the Everybody Writes project here

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