Our Affiliates

Teacher Affiliates

Sadie Phillips is a Key Stage 2 English Teacher in East London, she has experience as Literacy Lead for Writing and also writes a blog to share her creative ideas, practice and pedagogy on her journey as a Writing for Pleasure teacher. @sadiephillips

Staff Developer Affiliates

Jonny Walker gained experience as a primary teacher and Assistant Headteacher in East London. He now runs CPD, poetry and expressive writing projects in schools with pupils and staff which embed the principles of a Writing For Pleasure pedagogy. @jonnywalker_edu

Organisation Affiliates

The UKLA is a registered charity, which has as its sole object the advancement of education in literacy and is committed to promoting good practice nationally and internationally in literacy, language teaching and research. @The_UKLA

The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Pedagogy at UCL works to improve pedagogy for children from birth to eleven years, particularly children living with disadvantage. @HHCP_UCL

European Literacy Network promotes literacy research worldwide, and aims to bridge the gap between literacy science and education. @ELNcost