Pattern Books


Why do this project?

Pattern books teach children about what makes a great picture book. Children enjoy patterns, rhythm and surprises in their books and this project helps them to make their own. It also helps children write with confidence as each page will begin in the same way. For example, I’m scared of… or I’m happy when… These books also allow children to make books which are a mixture of information sharing and personal narrative.

There is unlimited scope for the different openings children can come up with and so lots of different types of pattern books can be made. Therefore this project can be returned to throughout the year and can actually be a series of individual writing projects. The concept is simple. For example:

I can… I saw a…  When I’m older…  I go…  I like to eat… Sharks can…

This class writing project provides you with:

+ Comprehensive teacher notes:

  • Suggestions for both year group and whole school writing progression
  • Advice for teachers on how to write great mentor texts
  • Over 15 writing study and functional grammar mini-lessons
  • Suggested book list for your classroom library

+ You also receive our popular and photocopiable child-facing Genre Booklet which includes:

  • Publishing and performance menu
  • 2 exemplar texts
  • Revision checklist
  • Editing checklist

+ Finally, we also provide you with our guide to teaching writing to help you get started.

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