Science Report


Why do this project?

To present a scientific subject in an attractive and stimulating manner is an artistic task, similar to that of a novelist or even a dramatic writer – Max Born

Reporting a science experiment clearly and accurately is important because every experiment can, in effect, offer new knowledge. In writing a description of the aims and methodology, writers are able to share this new knowledge with their community and perhaps inspire oth­ers to repeat the experiment or take it a step further. We suggest children devise their own experiments, which can be linked to the current class science topic or be an investigation into something of personal interest. We say this because the science reporting should be genuine and shared with others in the class. There is little point, and little to be learnt, by asking 30 children to write up the same science experiment.

This class writing project provides you with:

+ Comprehensive teacher notes:

  • Suggestions for both year group and whole school writing progression
  • Advice for teachers on how to write great mentor texts
  • Over 25 writing study and functional grammar mini-lessons
  • Suggested book list for your classroom library

+ You also receive our popular and photocopiable child-facing Genre Booklet which includes:

  • Year 4 purpose and audience writing wheel
  • Publishing and performance menu
  • 3 exemplar texts
  • Idea generation techniques
  • Dabbling and drafting advice
  • Revision checklist
  • Editing checklist

+ Finally, we also provide you with our guide to teaching writing to help you get started.

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