Community Activism

Why do this project?

This writing project sits comfortably amongst the other projects you might do this year, such as Discussion pieces and Social and Political Poetry. The project will move children on from the Advocacy Journalism project they undertook in Year 5 and will give them a final opportunity to see that writing, if they use it carefully and intelligently, can be a powerful tool for good. This time, it’s about your class coming together and using their writing voices to try to influence decision makers, such as local government representatives, or raise awareness of the need for a positive change to occur in their local community.

If we want children to react and impose themselves on the world, then they must talk about, read and observe what’s going on in their own community. We as teachers must be observant to what the children themselves are concerned about. For example, it may be the case that children don’t all want to write yet another poem about Greta Thunberg, write out into the ether about saving the planet from plastic waste or receive a generic letter in response to their own from a multinational corporation.

This class writing project provides you with:

+ Comprehensive teacher notes:

  • Suggestions for both year group and whole school writing progression
  • Advice for teachers on how to write great mentor texts
  • Over 40 writing study and functional grammar mini-lessons
  • Suggested book list for your classroom library

+ Our popular and photocopiable child-facing Genre Booklet which includes:

  • Year 6 purpose and audience writing wheel
  • Publishing and performance menu
  • 3 exemplar texts
  • Idea generation techniques
  • Dabbling and drafting advice
  • Revision checklist
  • Editing checklist

+ Our quick guide to teaching writing



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