Online Training

Hi Everyone! 

We are Ross & Felicity from The Writing For Pleasure Centre. We’ve put these free online courses together for people who’d like to use this opportunity to brush up on their teaching of writing.

Our plan is to set up little modules – each with links to freely available reading. After reading, and as part of the module, we ask that you contribute a small personal response and share it with the community. 

There will be a link to a document at the end of each module where you can share your response. You’re welcome to submit anything including: an essay, an anecdote, an example of practice, illustrations, photos, diagrams, a poster, flow-chart or some journaling. You must also check back and leave a comment on two other responses.

We are going to start out with just Module One at the moment and see what people think. If there is a demand for it, we will begin adding the other modules. If you have an idea for a module, please get in touch.

  • Module One What is it Writing For Pleasure teachers do that makes the difference?
  • Module Two Reviewing the reviews: What are the most effective writing practices?
  • Module Three Setting up a community of writers
  • Module Four Functional grammar teaching
  • Module Five Teaching the writing processes
  • Module Six Developing yourself as a writer-teacher

If you have any thoughts, ideas or problems, please do feel free to email us at: 

We also think it might be nice to send out a little certificate of participation for each module people complete so email us once you’ve completed a module.

Please take care and look after one another.

Ross & Felicity